Microphone Pre-Amplifier

Microphone Pre-Amplifier

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PRE ME Gooseneck Microphone Pre-Amplifier with Phantom Power

Boost a low signal from your gooseneck microphone with this handly pre-amp. Also, most quality lectern gooseneck microphones require phantom power to operate. If this is not supplied by the PA system then this can be supplied via the Australian Monitor PRE ME pre-amp. 

  • Compact yet highly featured pre-amplifier
  • Operates from the supplied plug pack  
  • Single balanced XLR female input and XLR male output connector for a single microphone 
  • Front panel gain control to boost low level from the microphone
  • On board +40V phantom power
  • Phantom power supply can be situated at the PA system end, lectern or anywhere in-line
  • RCA line in
  • High pass filter
  • Signal and audio clipping LED indicators


The Australian Monitor PRE ME pre-amplifier is a useful device for any lectern microphone installation. It give the audio level of the microphone a 'boost' of up to 39dB. This means  that the user can be further away from the microphone whilst making a presentation. If you have a wide range presenters from school students to visitors who may not be used to using a lectern microphone, then this product gives the presenter a needed boost.   

The PRE ME pre-amp also supplies phantom power to the lectern gooseneck microphone. It is single channel so can be used for one microphone. Operates via mains power via included 15V plug pack. Can be positioned at the PA system, on the lectern or in-line anywhere in between.  

Phantom power is DC electric power that is transmitted through microphone cable to operate condenser lectern microphones. Phantom power is often built into mixing consoles and microphone amplifiers. If your PA System does not supply phantom power then it can be provided by the PRE ME pre-amplifier. 

Dimensions: 246 x 126 x 62mm
Weight: 500g
Warranty: 5 years
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Package Contents

Package Contents

1 x PRE ME Pre-amplifier with Phantom Power
1 x Plug Pack
1 x Instruction Manual



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Frequency Response: 80Hz – 30kHz
THD: <0.3%
Noise + Hum: <-90dBu
Mic Max Input: -10dBu
Line Max Input: +16dBu
RCA Max Input: +24dBu
Phantom Power: +40V
Mic Gain: +39dB
Line Gain: +5.5dB
RCA Gain: +5.5dB
Max Out: +8dBu
Output Impedance: 200 Ohms
Mic Input Impedance: 1k5 Ohms
Line Input Impedance: 27k5 Ohms
RCA Input Impedance: 29k Ohms
Mic Input Connector: XLR Female
Line Input Connector: RCA
Output Connector: XLR Male
Finish: Blue
Power: 15V DC Plug Pack
Dimensions: 246 x 126 x 62mm
Weight: 500g
On-board Indicators: Power Status, Signal Presence LED with Audio Signal Clipping Indicator

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