Promic PA-200W Portable PA Events Package

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Promic PA-200W Portable PA Events Package

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Portable PA System Events Package
Complete Battery Operated Two Speaker Events Public Address Package!

Take advantage of this impressive public address package suitable for larger events such as sporting events, carnivals, presentations, fetes, awards etc. Total RRP of the items included is $2623 - that's a saving of $628!

This amazing package includes the following:

  • High performance Promic PA-200W Portable PA System (with CD/DVD/USB Player, USB/SD Card Media Player & Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity). See Promic PA-200W product page for more information  
  • Wireless microphone receiver (16 Channel UHF-5R or UHF-6R frequency range)
  • Handheld wireless microphone transmitter (16 Channel UHF-5R or UHF-6R frequency range)
  • 10" lightweight Extension Speaker with carry handle and speaker stand mounting bracket
  • 20m of audio cable (to connect the 2 speakers up to 20m apart)
  • 2 x lightweight tripod speaker stands
  • 2 x tripod speaker stand carry bags with carry handle
  • Full remote control for both media players
  • Operate up to 5 hours continual use on a full charge
  • Pull up handle, wheels and carry handle
  • Video out socket for connection to projector or LCD screen
  • Voice Priority, tone and echo controls
  • Protective nylon cover for the Promic PA-200W with accessory pockets and removable front and rear sections so cover can remain on the system whilst in use


Wow this is a great two speaker package! Everything you need for larger events - especially where getting power can be difficult as this entire two speaker system can run from the internal battery of the flagship Promic PA-200W. Includes tripod stands, carry bags and all cables necessary to make your next event run seamlessly. 

The Promic PA-200W system is supplied with two heavy duty built-in batteries to provide several hours continuous use on battery, or continual use when plugged into mains power. This can be linked via supplied 20m to the included two way 10" Extension Speaker system for extended range and coverage - especially useful for sporting events or larger presentations where getting 240V mains power may be difficult.

The ‘luggage’ type trolley wheels and extendable handle ensures easy maneuverability. The extension speaker is lightweight and features a useful carry handle. Set up in just a few minutes for instantaneous use.

UHF-5R Frequency: 16 channel selections between 520.05 - 543.75 MHz
UHF-6R Frequency: 16 channel selections between 650.85 - 671.35 MHz
Warranty: 2 Years
Shipping: This item is in stock. Ships within 1 working day
Freight: $75 (Australia wide)

Use the ACMA Channel Finder to find what frequencies are available to use in your local area in 2016

Package Contents

1 x Promic PA-200W Portable PA System (complete with 2 x media players)
1 x Promic SP-10 Passive Extension Speaker
1 x 20m Audio Cable (speakon to 6.35mm connectors)
2 x Tripod Speaker Stands
2 x Tripod Speaker Stand Carry Bags
1 x Wireless Microphone Receiver
1 x Handheld Wireless Microphone
1 x Dynamic Handheld Wired Microphone & 5m Audio Cable
1 x Dynalink 1.5m 3.5mm stereo to RCA male lead
1 x Protective Nylon Cover for PA-200W with Accessory Pockets
2 x Media Player Remote Controls
2 x Panasonic AA Batteries (for wireless microphone)


200W Output

High Performance 200W Amplifier
This powerful Promic PA-200W system features a high performance internal class D amplifier that delivers 200W (max) of clear crisp audio through a 10" woofer speaker and 1" horn tweeter. The amplifier and speaker drivers are perfectly matched for high efficiency and low power consumption.


Wireless Microphone

Wireless Microphone System Included
The Promic PA-200W Portable PA System use the latest in UHF PLL synthesized radio microphone technology. Each system is installed with a 16 channel wireless receiver and is shipped with a wireless handheld microphone as standard. Choose between the nationally available UHF-5R, or the common UHF-6R wireless frequency ranges for interference free transmission.

An expansion slot is available for the installation of an optional second wireless receiver to be used with a second handheld wireless microphone, or wireless body pack transmitter with headset or lapel microphone.



The ‘luggage’ type trolley wheels and extendable handle ensures easy maneuverability. Set up in just seconds for instantaneous use. Supplied with a FREE nylon cover with accessory pockets (normally $99). Protective cover can remain on the speaker whilst in use due to clever zipper system on front and rear. Also includes 2 x lightweight tripod stands and carry bags.



Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
Quick and easy wireless audio streaming from your Bluetooth device to your Promic PA-200W speaker.

Play saved playlists or stream direct from your favourite online streaming service such as Spotify, Pandora etc.


Compact Disc

Compact Disc
Play all your favourite content from traditional CD's with the anti-skip multi-function CD media player. Effortlessly skip between tracks either by the using the on-board controls or the included remote control.


DVD Player

DVD Video
The multi-function media player has video out capabilities to connect to LCD screen, TV or projector - great for impromptu movie nights. Enjoy 200 watts of sound to accompany your video. Great for showing movies, presentations, weddings, school excursions etc.


USB Media Player

USB MP3 Playback
This model features the added bonus of MP3 playback from a USB slot. Insert a USB flash drive loaded with hours of your favourite MP3's. Fit more than 20 x more content on a USB than a CD! USB for flash drives up to 16GB.


SD Playback

SD Card MP3 Playback
Enjoy the high speed and low cost of playing audio by inserting a SD card into the built-in SD card slot.


External Inputs

External Inputs
The PA-200W has 2 x combined 6.35mm/XLR microphone inputs for use with a corded microphones plus a second 6.35mm input for third corded microphone or instrument. There is also RCA and a 3.5mm line in for use with external audio devices (iPod, laptop, smartphone etc).


External Speaker

External Outputs
Increase your coverage with the included Extension Speaker connected to the PA-200W. Simply connect the Extension Speaker to the EXT SPEAKER jack of the main system to double the coverage.


Promic PA-200W Events Package Accessories

Although the Promic PA-200W Events Package is loaded with many great accessories you may require a second wireless microphone system or any of the other accessories listed below.

(Note for a second wireless microphones an additional wireless microphone receiver needs to be installed into the PA-200W)

Neatron Headset Microphone
Additional Wireless Microphone
Additional 16 Channel Wireless Receiver
Wireless Body Pack Transmitter
Neatron Headset Microphone
PA-200W Rechargeable Battery
Aerobic Headset Microphone
Additional Extension Speaker
Replacement PA-200W Rechargeable Battery

Boom Microphone Stand


Speaker Amplifier System
Power Output: 200W MAX 100W RMS
Amplifier: Class D
Frequency Response: 50Hz-18Khz±3dB
Bass Driver: 10'' Woofer Speaker
Horn Tweeter: 1" Tweeter
Distortion 1% (at 10W)
Audio Input - Wired Microphone: 2 x Combined 6.35mm/XLR, 1 x 6.35mm
Audio Input - Line In: 1 x 3.5mm, 1 x 6.35mm, RCA
Inactive Audio Output: RCA Inactive Line Out to Active Companion Speaker
Active Audio Output: 6.35mm Switched or Unswitched Active (Amplified) Output to Passive/Inactive Companion Speaker
Video Output: RCA
AC Power Supply: 240V~60Hz toroidal transformer
Internal Battery: 2 x 12V 7.2Ah SLA Rechargeable Batteries
Charge Time: Around 8 Hours
Standby Time: 5-6 Hours
Battery Indicator: Charging Status, Low Power
Battery Compartment: Front Accessible with 2 Service Screws
Colour: Black
Grille: 1.5mm Steal with Powder Coat Finish
Tripod Mount: Moulded 35mm Tripod Mount on Base
Dimensions (W x H x D): 330 x 510 x 345mm
Weight: 18.9kg
Operation Temperature Range 5 - 35C
Wireless Microphone Receiver
Receivers: Maximum Two Wireless Receivers (Horizontal)
Frequency Range: UHF-5R (520.05 - 543.75 MHz) or UHF-6R (650.85 - 671.35 MHz)
Preset Channels - UHF-5R: CH 1 - 520.05 MHz; CH 2 - 520.75 MHz; CH 3 - 521.85 MHz; CH 4 - 522.45 MHz; CH 5 - 523.35 MHz; CH 6 - 524.35 MHz; CH 7 - 525.15 MHz; CH 8 - 525.85 MHz; CH 9 - 527.95 MHz; CH 10 - 530.25 MHz; CH 11 - 531.95 MHz; CH 12 - 534.65 MHz; CH 13 - 536.55 MHz; CH 14 - 538.95 MHz; CH 15 - 541.45 MHz; CH 16 - 543.75 MHz
Preset Channels - UHF-6R: CH 1 - 650.85 MHz; CH 2 - 651.75 MHz; CH 3 - 652.85 MHz; CH 4 - 654.15 MHz; CH 5 - 655.65 MHz; CH 6 - 657.35 MHz; CH 7 - 659.45 MHz; CH 8 - 660.85 MHz; CH 9 - 661.75 MHz; CH 10 - 662.85 MHz; CH 11 - 664.15 MHz; CH 12 - 665.65 MHz; CH 13 - 667.35 MHz; CH 14 - 669.25 MHz; CH 15 - 670.15 MHz; CH 16 - 671.35 MHz
Oscillation Mode: PLL Synthesized
Receiving Mode: 80 HZ-15 KHz (± 3dB)
Frequency Response: -95dBm S/N≥40dB
Sensitivity: ≤1%
T.H.D: ≤1%
AF Output: 450mV ± 50mV
SNR: >80dB
Distortion: < 1%
Spurious Emissions: >80dB
Channel Set-up: IR Sync (Handheld Microphone) Manual (Optional Body Pack Transmitter)
Display: LED Channel Display, RF, IR
Working Distance: Up to 50m (ideal)
Antenna: Built-in/Internal
Current Consumption: 130mV ± 20mV
Wireless Microphone Transmitter
Microphone Type: Dynamic Handheld
Frequency Range: PLL UHF-5R (520.05 - 543.75 MHz) or UHF-6R (650.85 - 671.35 MHz) 16 Channel Selectable
Channel Set-up: IR Sync
Spurious Emissions: >55dBm
Power Source: 2 x AA 1.5V Batteries (Included)
Operating Time: Approx >8 Hours
On-board Indicators: Power Status / Low Battery / On/Off Switch
Dimensions: Ø 50 mm, L 260mm
Weight: 270g
Multi Format CD/DVD Media Player with USB Playback

USB: Supports MP3/WMA USB 2.0 High Speed Playback from Solid State USB Drive up to 16GB
On-Board Functions: Stop, Skip Previous/Rewind, Skip Next/Fast Forward, Play/Pause, Eject, Remote Sensor, File Skip Previous, File Skip Next, USB, Disc
Remote Functions: Power On/Off, USB, Disc, Eject, Numeric Key, Mute, , Vol -, Volume +, Pitch Up, Pitch Down, Audio, Play/Pause, Stop, Subtitle, Rewind, Fast Forward, Skip Previous, Skip Next, OSD, Arrow Buttons, Zoom, Program, Menu Enter, Random, Setup, Repeat
Display: LCD Display
Multi Format Bluetooth Media Player with USB and SD Card Playback

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.0 Pairing with Appropriate Device
USB: Supports MP3/WMA USB 2.0 High Speed Playback from Solid State USB Drive up to 16GB
SD: Supports MP3/WMA Playback from Solid State SD Card up to 8GB
On-Board Functions: Mode/Power On/Off, Play/Pause, Stop, Repeat, Skip Previous/Rewind, Skip Next/Fast Forward
Remote Functions: Power On/Off, Stop, Mute, Mode, Return, EQ, Skip Previous/Rewind, Skip Next/Fast Forward, Play/Pause, Vol -, Volume +, Numeric Key
Display: LCD Display Including Artist, Song Name, Modes etc.
EQ Modes:

Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classic

SP-10 Extension Speaker

Power Output: 300W MAX 160W RMS @ 8 Ohms
Frequency Response: 50Hz-17Khz±10dB
Sensitivity: 94±2dB/M/W
Bass Driver: 10'' Full Range
Horn Tweeter: 1" Ti.Diap Tweeter driver
Distortion: 1% (at 10W)
Audio Input: Speakon (looped)
Audio Output: Speakon (looped)
Colour: Black
Grille: 1.5mm Steal with Powder Coat Finish
Tripod Mount: 35mm Tripod Mount on Base
Dimensions (W x H x D): 260 x 480 x 360mm
Weight: 11kg


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  The staff at Talk Audio Visual were fantastic. From the initial discussions on what our needs were to the delivery of the Promic PA-200W Events Package we purchased, Simon was helpful, knowledgeable and very flexible in what needed to be done. When our system arrived it was all ready to go! Wireless Microphones and receivers programmed and all our equipment neatly laid out for us. It was as simple as 'Plug & Go.' The sound quality on the Promic 200W system is amazing, it is exactly what we were hoping it would be. 
Jason Knobel, Assistant Principal
St Helens Park Public School, NSW

We used the Promic PA-200W Portable PA Events system for the first time on the weekend and it was great. Received lots of possive comments and best of all it was easy to use and set up. Thanks for all your help and happy to recommend to anyone.
Heath Mashford, President
Broken Hill Swimming Club, NSW

I recieved my Promic PA-200W Events Package today - thanks so much it's all I was hoping for and more. A great service, very fast delivery, thank you so much. I will be recommending Talk Audio Visual to anyone who needs a Portable PA System. 
Netty Foy-Wilson 
Celebrant, NSW

We are very happy with our Promic PA-200W Portable PA Events system supplied by Talk Audio Visual, and also with the service provided by Simon. We had part of our package go missing in the mail, but it was replaced quickly without any problems after a simple phone call.
Amanda Souter, Principal
Kalamia State School, QLD

The Promic PA-200W Portable PA Events System arrived quickly and is working great. Already done a days service at our sport carnival and good reports all round.
Mel Brown, School Officer
East Kalgoorlie Primary School, WA

Thank you so much for supplying the Promic PA-200W Portable PA System for our end of season presentations. Very much appreciated as it makes such a difference when good reliable sound is available.
Aileen Brodigan, President
Pittwater Peninsula Netball Club, NSW

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