Magnetic Whiteboards

Magnetic Whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboards to suit various applications from small offices to large corporate and educational facilities. Choosing the correct surface material is as important as choosing the correct size - there is a difference! Porcelain suits heavy usage environments such as classrooms and projection porcelain is suitable for use with interactive projectors.
  • Educate Magnetic Whiteboard

    $69.00 Magnetic Whiteboard
    Educate Magnetic Whiteboard These wall mounted whiteboards are perfect for schools, offices or general use applications    'Smooth 'n' Hard' writing surface is guaranteed for 8 years  We stock 11 different sizes to suit your r...
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  • Educate Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard

    $139.00 Magnetic Whiteboard
    Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboards Porcelain surface (or vitreous enamel) whiteboards are ideal for heavy use such as schools, classrooms, conference centres and medical facilities Porcelain is the preferred choice for educators a...
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  • Educate Projection Porcelain Whiteboard

    $379.00 Projection Whiteboard
    Project and Annotate with Brilliant Clarity The strength of a porcelain whiteboard - with the benefits of a projection  60% less gloss than standard porcelain whiteboards - matte light grey vitreous magnetic surface Eliminates...
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  • Educate Projection Edge Whiteboard

    $629.00 Projection Whiteboard
    Project and Annotate with Stylish Frameless Look Sophisticated satin silver edgeless ultra slim frame to offer a sleek modern look to any classroom, boardroom or meeting room    Wide angle screen available in various sizes - b...
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  • Educate Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

    $259.00 Magnetic Whiteboard
    Magnetic Glass Whiteboards Designed to blend seamlessly with any décor, these eco friendly brilliant white glass boards provide a contemporary alternative to traditional whiteboards.  STARFIRE GLASS - Provides a pure brilliant...
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  • Educate EDGE Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

    $699.00 Magnetic Whiteboard
    Magnetic EDGE Glass Whiteboards The EDGE slim frame Magnetic Glassboard provides a completely modern and sleek look to the office. With no holes in the glass and totally hidden fixtures the board is secured with reversible spli...
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