How to Choose a Portable PA System

For a wide range of groups, organisations and individuals, a Portable PA (Public Address) System is a very useful piece of equipment to have on hand. Any organisation that regularly holds presentations, functions, musical performances, fetes, assemblies – such as schools or sporting groups will know how important a reliable Portable PA system can be.

Finding the right Portable PA system can be a tough task with so many different specifications, options and sizes available. Consider the following factors when deciding on your Portable PA system and remember that one system may not cover all your requirements.

Is Mains Power Available?

Thinking of the type of event a Portable PA System will be used – will there be mains power available? If power is not always available then a battery operated Portable PA System will be required. These type of systems have in-built rechargeable batteries that can power the system for as long as 8 hours. They also have the flexibility of running on mains power whilst recharging the internal batteries. Portability should mean that no power cords are required and position should not be reliant on power outlets.

The Size of your Audience

Portable PA systems can be a very valuable tool if you need to reach anywhere from 50 to 1000 people. The size of your audience and the area which it has to cover are the most important factors when determining the output required before purchasing the final equipment. Remember, that if you are not certain about the size of your audience, it is advisable to overestimate than underestimate the total number because you can always lower the volume on the bigger, louder, system.

Decide the Area of Coverage

Typically the environment that the system will be used in will determine the output required, just like for the audience size. If you are predominately using the PA system outside, you will require more power output than one for indoor use. Also the ability to connect extension speakers will increase the PA’s coverage.

A tripod speaker stand is extremely beneficial to give optimal elevated placement of any PA system to increase the spread of sound as it’s at ear level. It also helps by allowing easy access to all the controls and keeps the unit of wet grass!

Additional Features to Boost Engagement at your Event

A Portable PA system offers a wide variety of options for different audio sources and microphone options. Most all-in-one Portable PA systems offer the option of a media player that can play audio files from CD, DVD, USB or inexpensive SD card. If your audio is on your smart phone then wireless Bluetooth connectivity may be important.

With regards to microphones for your Portable PA, there are plenty of variables to consider such as wireless, corded, handheld, lapel, headset, etc. Make sure the PA package you select includes the microphone type you require. Wireless microphones need both transmitter and wireless receiver to operate so make sure the system is set-up in this way. Most Portable PA systems will allow up to two wireless microphone receiver modules to be installed so two wireless microphones can be used at the same time. Each wireless microphone must operate on its own wireless frequency to avoid interference.


It is important to meet your needs when purchasing a quality system as you can deliver the best possible sound and definition to your audience. Different systems will deliver different capacities, but your specific needs will primarily determine the type of the equipment. If you are new to portable audio systems, you can save a lot of money if you research between customer reviews, testimonials, and warranty options that are offered to you.

With all of these instructions in mind, you can pick the right portable system that can improve your performance for specific requirements. Our Promic Portable systems can help you avoid problems, offering a reliable gear with carefully chosen components to match an advanced range of requirements and budget, compatible enough to handle every venue size and every single budget you are comfortable with.

Promic Portable PA systems are the ultimate on-the-go take anywhere wireless solutions. The preferred choice for schools, marriage celebrants, clubs and any situation that requires a high-quality, simply-to-use portable public address system. All models feature an internal smart rechargeable battery, wireless microphone and receiver, integrated music player and protective cover as standard. 

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