Communicating to larger audiences or at events such as sports days or athletics carnivals can often prove difficult – especially when getting mains power can be difficult in an outdoor environment. Often one PA speaker may not be enough or you need extended range and coverage.

Talk Audio Visual have the ideal solution - the PA-200W Events Package. This impressive Portable Public Address package is suitable for larger events such as sports days, carnivals, presentations, ANZAC Day etc.

The great value package is based on the high performance Promic PA-200W Portable PA System. It features a 200W max power output through a 10” speaker with 1” tweeter with a digital amplifier and mixer. This system can operate from 240V mains power or by using the internal 12V SLA rechargeable batteries (x2). The system can operate for up to 7 hours on battery, depending on the functions being used.

There are a wide variety of audio inputs available to cater for many needs. This package includes 2 x 16 channel wireless receivers for either handheld wireless microphones or body pack transmitter with headset or lapel microphones, a CD/DVD player, a digital media player with wireless Bluetooth, USB or SD card slots for playing MP3 files from inexpensive USB flash drives or SD cards (up to 16GB). The system also features 2 x 6.35mm inputs, 1 x 6.35 Aux, 1 x RCA all featuring their own mixing volume.

As part of this Events Package, we have included a second 10” passive speaker and 20m audio cable to connect the 2 speakers together. The PA-200W has a amplified line out (6.35mm connection - switched or unswitched) which can power a second passive/slave speaker. This means that the speakers can be positioned to gain maximum coverage. The passive speakers can also be ‘daisy-chained’ so that more that one extension speaker can be used in series.

All the accessories required for a successful event have been included. Lightweight tripod speaker stands are included for both PA speakers to elevate the position to increase coverage as are all cables required. The package is supplied with either 2 x handheld wireless microphones or 1 x wireless microphone and 1 x body pack wireless transmitter with both headset and lapel microphones. It also includes a dynamic wired vocal microphone with 5m audio lead.

The main PA-200W system is also supplied with a really useful protective nylon case with huge side pockets to store all the microphones, cables and spare microphone batteries. The cover also has Velcro and zip front and rear panels so the cover can be left on the system should there be light rain.